Poonam Ahluwalia

Boston, Mass.

I resolved a big block during the session and opened the space for healing with someone very dear. And that person responded without any outreach by me. The universe supported my intention. I highly recommend Rishi.  He is gifted, talented and pure LOVE.

Andrea Coopersmith

Greenwich, CT.

I can say with certainty that Rishi has something to offer anyone and that anyone will be better off having known Rishi.  I know I am.

Luigi DiMiglio


He is still my mentor today, and his lessons prove themselves invaluable. I didn't know this before I met him,  but I think we all need a guru. We all need an Indy.

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Mountain View, CA

Lead Meditation workshops (Laughter, Ayurveda, TM)


Santa Monica, CA

Indy Rishi was kind enough to share his gift with our clients at Turning Point (OPCC). Turning Point is a transitional housing facility with those suffering from severe mental illnesses and substance abuse. These are people that need love and laughter desperately! And that is exactly what Indy brought to them.

Cross Campus

Santa Monica, CA

Meditation for Cross Campus staff and clients

Marriot Hotel

San Francisco, CA

3 hour workshop Module

(Laughter, Ayurveda & Allopathy, Stress Management, Q & A)

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